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Organizing events & conferences give you a hard time, ererytime?

We don’t blame you in a world full of distraction & information overload, all of us need unique travel experiences and less hassle.

With an immense network of connections in Greece and worldwide our mission is clear: To help you create an unforgettable event in Greece that you and your partners will remember for a lifetime.

We offer pre-planned options for special events in Greece as well as expertise in planning tailor-made events.

Why do incentive travel programs work?

Science indicates that employees’ incentive programs allow corporations to position themselves as the ideal workplace and that as a result, they attract more top-level talents to work with your company. Not to mention that self-motivation & team-building levels are increased by employees’ incentive programs. So, yes such programs work if done correctly, that’s why we are always here to help your company.

Acquisition of memories and experiences that employees can hold onto, both their minds but also in a physical/digital form (Souvenir)

– Employees establish connections with one other, and they bring such connections back to the ‘offices’ (Bonding & Creating)

– Last but most important, having employees that participate in such programmes, they are aware of the rewards and they strive in even more effort to get there again! And what most appealing motivator than visiting Greece, right? (Defending)

Our team is here to help you from planning to preparation and post-trip logistics. Let’s connect!


30+ years of experience in the Travel industry

Increase your employee loyalty percentage

Attract top-level talents


Over 80 unique venues around Greece

We help you with the accommodation (special prices)

Stunning settings & locations


Planning & execution of exhibitions

Wide range of venues' types to choose from

Evaluation & market research ready for you

How can we get in touch with you?

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