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Krovillis - Korifis Ismarou Provincial Road 23, 694 00 Maronia

Roxani Country House Hotel is located in a tranquil scenic village of Maronia, at the cost of Thracian Sea in Rodopi region of Eastern Macedonia. Having rich local culture and history dating back into the times of the Great Homer and its famous Odyssey, Maroneia is the ideal destination for travelers who seek for archeological treasures, historical monuments, traditional villages, caves, acquatic areas, fascinating coasts and beauties of nature.

Here in Omiros’s country where Kikkones used to live, the history never ends. From Odysseus who escaped the Cyclops Polyphemus by getting him drunk using the Maroneia’s wine (meliideas maronios oinos) until the perios of Byzantium and until our times, marvelous monuments are the true witnesses who certify the big history of the place.

Authorities believe that they have the duty to keep and promote all this history and protect all the goods nature has offered us. They feel the obligation to give to its residents the motive to stay at their place and never abandon it. We invite our visitors to come and enjoy our cultural summers, our famous entertainment.

Open all your senses and enjoy your stay. You’ ll have the most incredible experience!

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