HotelBrain – Global Network Of Endeavor

HotelBrain – Global Network of Endeavor

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Based on the country’s competitive advantage in tourism and the significant growth and job creation potential, Endeavor Greece adds in its global network a  company from this sector.

HotelBrain was selected at the 51st Endeavor Global International Selection Panel (ISP) in Dubai (10-12 December). HotelBrain, represented by President & CEO Panos Palaiologos, is an independent company specializing in hotel management, development and consulting based on an innovative model.
The firm carries out the development of new hotel projects working closely with owners and investors in all phases of the development and operates hotels under management agreements with a purpose to create brand recognition, high gross profit margins and commercial value. The aim is to assist hotel owners to achieve desired results. Today, it is managing more than 60 hotels in Greece, Turkey and Lebanon.
At this ISP, the culmination of a rigorous entrepreneurs’ selection process locally and internationally,
 24 business leaders and members of Endeavor network assessed and selected 28 entrepreneurs, representing 20 companies from 12 countries. Entrepreneurs from Miami, Morocco and UAE were selected for the first time. Endeavor now supports 872 high-impact entrepreneurs from 558 companies in 19 countries, that are given strategic advice and other services according to their needs from Endeavor’s mentors and advisors, have access to its international network and investors. This process helps them further grow their business, create jobs and become role models.
HotelBrain feels very honored for joining the global network of Endeavor and is looking forward to facing the new challenges posed by this distinguish selection.
About Endeavor (
Endeavor breaks down barriers that prevent emerging-market entrepreneurs from reaching their high-impact potential. Hailed by NYT columnist Thomas Friedman as the “mentor capitalist” model and “the best anti-poverty program of all,” Endeavor identifies entrepreneurs leading high-growth innovative companies in emerging markets. These entrepreneurs are given world-class strategic advice, access to key networks and other tools that will catapult them to success. With Endeavor’s guidance they become “high-impact” – expanding employment, generating wealth and inspiring others to innovate. Often overlooked, these local entrepreneurs are now jumpstarting private sector development in their countries.
Since 1997, more that 800 Endeavor Entrepreneurs throughout Latin America, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan had created more than 225,000 jobs and in 2012 they generated over $6.0 billion in revenues. In September 2012, Endeavor launched its first ever European office in Athens, Greece.
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