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HotelBrain, Proud PR Ambassador Of The Small Luxury Hotels Of The World For Greece, Turkey & Lebanon

HotelBrain, Proud PR Ambassador of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World for Greece, Turkey & Lebanon

HotelBrain is delighted to announce that with immediate effect it will assume the role of the authorised and exclusive Small Luxury Hotels of the World PR Ambassador for Greece, Turkey and Lebanon.

This appointment further builds on the strong and long standing cooperation between HotelBrain and Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Flora Paraskevopoulou, Director of PR & Communication for HotelBrain, will manage the day to day responsibilities associated with the role, which include:

·     expanding the concept, values and comparative advantages of the internationally prestigious affiliation of Small Luxury Hotels of the World

·     enhancing the brand image and reputation of Small Luxury Hotels of the World

·     promoting news of its hotel members worldwide

·     building strong local media relations through sharing the experience of its hotel members

The SLH Ambassador will provide local media with full information packs (including event information, newsletters, interviews, images, facts & figures) covering the yearly activity of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and its member hotels. The ambassador will also respond to media requests regarding specific hotel features or reviews.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World is among the fastest growing hotel affiliations, comprising over 520 hotels in more than 70 countries, 42 of them located in various Greek destinations.

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