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Oia 847 02

With its eclectic mix of cafés, shops, lively bars and museums, Oia offers truly everything a traveller may desire. Monuments and monasteries, cathedrals and art galleries are all within walking distance. You’ll find the very best of the city while exploring. Wander through narrow streets lined with off-white buildings, and cobbled pavements crammed with taverns and fine restaurants. Take a seat beneath a blue canvas of sky, streaked with Santorini’s golden light, and watch as the world goes by. Oia is waiting to be discovered.

Nestled idyllically on top of the breathtaking cliffs of Oia, Old Castle Oia boasts incredible views over the azure Aegean Sea. Directly above it, one may found the ruins of the Old Castle, strikingly silhouetted in shapes and colors. From the 65 widely paved steps that spiral down from the Castle to your Suite, you may glimpse at the overwhelming view. To the left, resting peacefully lies in solitude Santorini’s well-known volcano. Directly below in the small magenta red cove, the charming picturesque old port of Ammoudi Bay is located, scattered with savory fish taverns, secluded from the wind and basking in the shimmering sun.

Old Castle Oia is the perfect location to turn your getaway into a treasured memory. The iconic sunset of Santorini can be seen descending, directly from each suite, into the alluring blue sea, covering the sky with a spectrum of colors that makes this moment in Santorini captivating and memorable.

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