Thalatta Sea Side Hotel, Family (running) Affairs…

Thalatta Sea Side Hotel, Family (running) Affairs…

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Thalatta Sea Side Hotel, managed by HotelBrain, puts on its running shoes and gets ready to host the 1st Family Run.  Dimitris Maziotis*, President of the organizational committee of the Family Run, gives us the details  and explains  how a hotel can emerge  as the “winner” of the run!

There is no argument that Running is on the rise. There is no argument also that running is not addressed only to health freaks but on the contrary to everyone that want to improve themselves, make new friends or even meet new places (cause there is no better way to get to know a new place than running it).

In recent years throughout Greece a significant number of races that appeal to experienced or amateur runners, swimmers and cyclists are being held. In many of those a parallel event of a race for children and the younger ones is organized as well. Yet there was never a race that will simultaneously involve all family members, parents and children as a team that will participate in a series of races but at the same time will help creating those precious family moments that everyone will look back in the years to come.

 The Family Run was created having the above mentioned in mind.  The Run will not be limited to races but there will also be a series of other educational and entertaining parallel activities.

So what`s all these have to do with the tourism industry? Family run is just an example of ideas needed in order to prolongue the tourism season for a destination. In addition to that Family Run will be used as a tool to introduce to a larger and specific audience (ie families) the beauty of visiting different parts of our country in an off season era as well as areas of natural and historical interest, thus strengthening local communities.

The 1st Family Run will be held in the picturusque area of Agia Anna beach in Northend Evia on 27 – 29 September. The centre of all activities will be Thalatta Seaside Hotel, a proud member of the Hotel Brain Family. See you all there.

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*Dimitris Maziotis is the Founder of the Strategic Communication company W2Strategy, President of the organizational committee of the Family Run and proud father of a 2 1/2 years old daughter and a 4 months old son who will of course participate in the races!!

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